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Rudra – Hindu God Rudra Shiva

Rudra is an important deity in the Vedas and is later identified with Shiva. Rig Veda defines Rudra as Red and shining brightly as the sun. He wears matted locks. Samhitas states that he has thousand eyes and his stomach is red and black blue. He wears skin of animals.

In Vedas, Rudra is a god of destruction. In later scriptures, Rudra is identified as Rudra Shiva. He resides in the Mujavant Hills and Kailash in the Himalayas.

Rudra was worshipped by apsaras, demons, kubera and other divine beings known as Rudra Ganas.

Emblem of Rudra is a bull. His weapons are bow and arrow and Vajra (thunder bolt).

Rig Veda (2.33) compares him with wild animal, although ferocious he can be propitiated and blessing received. He cures all the incurable diseases.

In Brahmanas, Rudra is the son of Usha Prajapati and is given eight names – Rudra, Sarva, Ugra, Asani, Bhava, Mahadeva, Shiva and Pashupati.

The first real identification of Rudra with Shiva is found in the Shvetashvara Upanishad – it describes him as the greatest and most important deity.