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Good Months to Get Married As Per Hindu Religion and Astrology

As Per Hindu Religion and Astrology, the good months to get married are Magh, Phalgun, Vaishakh, Jyeshta and Margashirsh as per Hindu calendar and Panchang followed in North India. Magh month falls in January and February; Vaishakh month falls in April and May; Jyeshta month falls in May and June; Margashirsha month falls in November and December.

The popular belief is that if marriage takes place in Magh month then there will be prosperity and good income in the wealth of the couple.

Those people who get married in phalgun month will have long and peaceful married life.

Those getting married in Vaishakh and Jyeshta month will be faithful always and will have good and healthy children.

Marriage in Margashirsh month should only be performed if there is no other option. Those getting married in Margashirsh month will have a peaceful life.