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Tussar – Ahimsa Silk – No killing of Silkworms by Boiling

Tussar is a form of silk that is produced without killing the silk worms and hence the name Ahimsa Silk. It is estimated that nearly 10,000 silkworms are killed to produce a single silk sari. Tussar is a type of wild silk and is obtained from the cocoon after the silk worm larva has left it. No boiling of silk worms alive. Forest and sericulture departments have jointly planned to introduce Antheraea Pernyi genes of worms in Indore District to extract the Ahimsa Silk. Daily Bhaskar reports Tussar known by its Sanskrit name kosa is valued for its texture and natural gold color. It is a type of wild silk as it is obtained from silk worms. Its cocoons are collected from trees such as sal arjun and saja. It is called Ahimsa ( non violent) silk as it is extracted from the cocoon after the silk worm larva has left it.  Chief conservator of forest (territorial), PC Dubey said that a proposal for tussar silk production unit has been prepared under Vanya scheme over a 950 hectare area in Ind