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Audio Video DVD collection of Synopsis of Vedas in Hindi and English

NGO Routes2Roots (R2R), in collaboration with IFFCO Foundation, has come up with an audio-video collection in DVD, titled Vedas in Hindi and English. The collection aims to introduce basic teachings found in Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda to young generation. The collection has both audio and video and includes booklets and subtitles. Sanskrit scholars have lented voice to the Vedic mantras in an authentic manner.
Asian Age reports
Talking about the need to produce Vedas in a popular format and if it was solely to do with the value-degradation among youth today, Tina Vachani of R2R, says, “It is not only targeting the youth of today but to the majority who would like to connect with their traditional culture. Today, Sanskrit is not a common man’s language which makes it tough to understand the Vedas. By translating it into Hindi and English we can understand the age-old wisdom of the sages and how it is applicable in our day to day life. Not the least it will connect the youth to the Vedas and their importance once they understand in simple language what it conveys." 
The artists who have lent voice to the DVDs are actually Sanskrit scholars from Varanasi and South India who could chant mantras in authentic manner.
Rakesh Gupta, of R2R, adds, “We also can feel proud that the Vedas are a part of our roots and even today many countries are doing research to know more about it and its importance.”