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The Oldest family Durga Puja in Kolkata City

The oldest traditional family Durga Puja held in Kolkata city without a break is credited to the Saborno Roy Choudhary house in Barisha. The Roy Choudhury family home puja dates back to 1610 AD and continuous to be observed with traditional pomp and grandeur. The family is also intrinsically associated with Kolkata’s history. The attchala puja started by Roy Lakshmi Gangopadhyay Mazumdar is acknowledged as the oldest puja in the city

Hindustan Times Kolkata reports

Members of the Roy Choudhury family have been zealous custodians of their proud legacy and continue to live up to tradition in the conduct of the puja. The family has seven separate pujas, six of which are held in Barisha.

The oldest of them dates back to 1610 and was started by Roy Lakshmi Gangopadhyay Mazumdar, the first jagirdar of the family.

The attchala puja is acknowledged as the oldest puja in the city. Lakshmikanta is credited with pioneering the trend of worshipping the goddess.

The other five family pujas in Barisha are at Barobari, Mejobari, Majherbari, Kalikainkar Bhavan and Benakbari. The other two pujas are held in family extension of the household in Nimta and Birati.

The family has exclusive puja mantras, rituals and customs. The puja is observed on the lines of the Durgabhaktitarangini system composed by Vidyapati. All the traditions and rituals of the ancestors are followed here.  A special magazine Sabarna Barta is released on Shasti (sixth day of puja) every year.

In 2011, Roy Choudhury family have joined hands with Barisha Sabuj Sathi Sangha to showcase the history of Kolkata. 

Oldest Durga Puja Pandal in Kolkata