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Teachings from Bhartrihari’s Nitishatakam

A collection of teachings from Nitishatakam of Bhartrihari

Why should he need to wear an armour, if he himself is compassionate and forgiving?

What more harm can his enemies do to him, if he is being consumed by his own anger?

Is there any need for jewellery when a man treasures modesty in his heart?

If his relatives pester him, then a fire is not needed to burn his wealth.

A fool can be pleased easily, and it is even easier to please the wise. However, even Brahma (the creator) cannot satisfy a conceited person with a bit of knowledge.

The creator has provided only one means for hiding one’s ignorance, which is always under his own control. It is to keep silent, particularly, in the company of the learned.

Bracelets do not adorn a person. Nor do pearl necklaces, or cleansing, nor anointment of the body, nor flowers nor decoration for the hair. It is cultured speech alone which embellishes a man. All other ornament lose their glitter, only the jewel of speech ever remains the jewel of jewels.

Bhartrihari of Niti Shatakam Quotes

Knowledge is a special beauty of man. It is a hidden treasure. It gives one happiness, enjoyment and fame. It is the teacher of great teachers. It is one’s relative when he is in a strange place. It is the God divine. It is knowledge that is to be worshipped not money. One who is bereft of knowledge is a beast.

A person devoid of interest in music, literature and arts is indeed an animal without horns and tail! It is a great fortune to animals that he lives without eating grass!

Obeisance unto the Lord, who is not bound by space and time, who is infinite, whose form is knowledge personified who is effulgent, peaceful, and who can be realized only by one’s own experience.