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Importance of Bilva Leaves – About Bilwa Patra Offered to Shiva

Bilva Leaves (Bilwa Patra) is one of the most important offering to Hindu God Shiva. A Bilva Leaf consists of three small leaves. Symbolically it represents the three eyes of Shiva. Another symbolism is that the three leaves are Goddess Parvati, Ganesh and Kartik. Puranas indicate that the three leaves are the three Gunas – Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas.

One of the most popular prayers dedicated to Shiva is the Bilvashtakam and it begins with the lines Tridalam Trigunakaram...

It is believed that offering Bilva leaves to Shiva helps in cleansing the sins of three births. It is also offered to attain Moksha. Some Puranas suggest that offering Bilva helps in attaining prosperity and fulfilment of desires.

The fruit of Bilva tree and its leaves have several medicinal properties and is used in treating Asthma, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Shiva as Vaidyanath (Lord of Medicines) protects Bilva leaves. Yajur Veda (Sri Rudram – 2 – 11) also extols the glory of Bilva.

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