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Manu Smriti Quotes - Teachings from Manusmriti

A collection of Quotes and teachings from Manusmriti.

Desire is never extinguished by the enjoyment of desired objects; it only grows stronger like fire fed with clarified butter.

The houses in which female relations are not being duly honored perish completely as if destroyed by magic.

Unrighteousness practiced in this world does not at once produce its fruit but advancing slowly, it cuts off the roots of him who committed it.

Unless one be asked, one must not explain anything to anybody, nor must one answer a person who asks improperly; let a wise man, though he knows the answer behave among men like an idiot.

Ahimsa, truth, non-stealing, purity, and control over senses—these, Manu says, are the common dharmas for the four varnas, in brief.

He who kills the non-violent (innocent) beings for his enjoyment, cannot attain happiness and progress in life or in death. One who does not wish to trouble beings by fettering or killing them, who wishes everyone well, achieves lasting happiness. He who does not harm anyone attains without much effort whatever he thinks, (the fruit of ) whatever action he undertakes, and whosoever he meditates upon.

By not injuring any creatures, by detaching the senses (from objects of enjoyment), by the rites prescribed in the Veda, and by rigorously practising austerities, one attains that (Supreme) state here itself.

Since all thoughts and feelings are enrapt in words, and are conveyed by them to others, He who misuses words empoisons all; Let the wise man then guard well all his speech.

If ye have to instruct, direct command, use speech that may be smooth and soft and sweet.

Whose mind and speech are pure and well controlled, only he finds the fruit of final truth. Touch not another to the quick, though you yourself are hurt; let malice sway you not; And carefully eschew the speech of pride unsocial, which perturbs and repels.