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Enough Oil but Lamp Goes out on Its Own – What it indicates in Hindu tradition?

The flame in the lamp lit before Hindu deities is the most auspicious form of Agni. The popular belief in Hindu tradition is that the lamp lit before a Hindu God or sacred place should go out only when the oil in it is completely used up. If the lamp goes out before the oil is used up, it is termed inauspicious. Elders say that it will bring bad luck and calamity. The main reason for this belief is that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the flame. Interrupting Her stay is inviting bad luck. Thus it is suggested that the flame on a lamp is an indication of fortune. Some elders are of the view that as the lamp lit before a Hindu deity is something very holy, an abrupt end to it suggests dislike or displeasure of the deity. People in such homes might be unclean or there will be constant fights in the family. Lamps flutter and are soon put out in homes that encourage evil thoughts. It is also believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in homes that are clean and surroundings that are neat. The lamp goi…

Sri Aurobindo – Words to Ponder

A spiritual atmosphere is more important than outer conditions; if one can get that and also create one’s own spiritual air to breathe in and live in it that is the true condition of progress. All undelight, all pain and suffering are a sign of imperfection, of incompleteness; they arise from a division of being, an incompleteness of consciousness of being, an incompleteness of the force of being. To become complete in being, in consciousness of being, in force of being, in delight of being and to live in this integrated completeness is the divine living. To be wholly and integrally conscious of oneself and one one’s being is what is implied by the perfect emergence of the individual consciousness, and it is that towards which evolution tends. All being is one, and to be fully conscious means to be integrated with the consciousness of all, with the universal self and force and action.
Sri Aurobindo