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Shukra Puja Vidhi – How to do Puja to Shukra Graha?

Shukra Puja is dedicated to Shukra Graha or Venus. The popular belief is that when a person has a badly placed Shukra in horoscope, the person will face difficulties and bad luck. To avoid it people perform Shukra Puja as per Vidhi. As this graham is associated wealth, prosperity, luxury, beauty and sensual pleasures, people perform puja to be blessed with them. Here is a simple procedure to perform Shukra Puja.
  • The puja dedicated to Shukra is performed on Friday or Shukravar.
  • Get up early morning perform purification and bathing rituals.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha.
  • Offer prayers to Shukra Murti or painting. If image is not available meditate in mind.
  • Offer white flowers to Shukra. If murti is not available place flowers at a free space in the puja area.
  • Offer a small amount of uncooked rice.
The Shukra Mantra to be chanted is Aum Aim Aim Gam Grahesvara Shukraya Namah.

If possible read or listen to Shukravar Vrat Katha.

Fasting – If you are doing fasting – then it is from sunrise to sunset. You can cook white colored food like Kheer. Food is taken after sunset. Sour dishes are not eaten on the day.