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Kshipra Ganapati - Mantra - Benefits Of Worshipping Kshipra Ganapati

Among the 32 forms of Hindu God Ganesha, Kshipra Ganapati is the form that satisfies a devotee immediately. The belief is that Kshipra Ganapathi gives boons and blessings immediately.

The Kshipra Ganapati Mantra is

Dantakalpalata pasharatna kumbhanksho jvalam!!
Bandhooka kamaniyabham dhyaayeth kshipraganadhipam!!


Kshipra Ganapati is depicted as having four hands. The body color is red. The hands hold goad, broken tusk, a branch of kalpa Vriksha and bunch of flowers. The trunk is shown as holding a kalash.

Benefits of Kshipra Ganapati

A major belief is that this form of Ganesha is immediate in all his actions. He grants long life, fulfills desires and provides peace and prosperity. His anger too is immediate and those following Adharma are punished quickly.


Kshipra Ganapati form is worshipped at Kannyakumari and also at Jyothir Maheshwara Temple in Srirangapattinam in Karnataka.