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Book – Vishnu Temples of Kanchipuram

Book titled Vishnu Temples of Kanchipuram by R. Nagaswamy attempts to unravel the history, stories, location, architecture and other aspects of the beautiful temples dedicated to Vishnu in Kanchipuram. The book provides new insights into the sculptures that are part of the Vishnu Temples. An important highlight of the book is the many photographs that help as a visual aid.

The book is ideal for those who are interested in temple sculpture and architecture and also for those who want to learn about the numerous sculptures and stories that adorn the walls of some of the important Vishnu temples in Kanchipuram.

The book is currently in hardbound and is costly by Indian standards. Hope the paperback edition will be less costly but no information about it.

Vishnu Temples of Kanchipuram
Author - R. Nagaswamy
Published by – D.K. Printworld
Price – Rs 4320/-