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Ucchista Ganapati - Ganesha With Goddess On Lap - Mantra - Benefits

Ucchista Ganapati is a very rare form of Ganesha and is also included in the 32 forms of Ganapathy. This form of Ganesh is worshipped for protection and also for getting control over the five senses.

Ucchishta Ganapati Mantra is

Neelabja dadaimee veena shali gujaksha sutrakam
Dadahduchishta namamya ganeshah paadu mechakah!


Ucchishta Ganapati depicted in deep blue color. He has six hands and holds a pomegranate fruit, veena, flower, paddy, Rudraksha mala and noose. A Goddess sits on his left lap.

Popular Temple

One of the most popular temples dedicated to Ucchista Ganapati is the famous Ucchi Pillayar koil or Thayumanaswamy koil at Trichy in Tamil Nadu.

Sculpture Of Ucchista Ganapati

Benefits of Worshipping Ucchista Ganapati

The popular belief is that propitiating this form Ganesha will help in control of the five senses and which in return will help in attaining peace and prosperity.