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1000 years Hindu Calendar and Panchang for free

Hindu calendars from 1582 AD to 2583 AD – calendar and Panchang of thousand years. This unique attempt is now made by several websites. You can access Hindu calendar for thousand years for any region in the world. There are no annual predictions but what it contains is vrats, festivals and all other Panchang details for a day. This calendar is highly useful for people who want to know when a particular festival was in the past or will be in future.

But how accurate they are for various regions is debatable. Majority of them depend on software of a particular region. Time in Hindu calendars in certain time of the year vary by more than 5 hours. Quite often such things are not taken into account by such calendars.

It would be wise for you to make an attempt to find a calendar book of your region.

Still if you are looking for 1000 year calendars then you can find some of them here -

Such one calendar you can find here.