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Words of Wisdom from My Guru in Disguise by Priya Mookerjee

All creation arose from the desire of the cosmic mind to create. Desire, therefore, is the fuel behind the manifested universe. Everything we perceive from the simple to the very complex arose from desire. However, that is very different from ego-based desire, which is only motivated by selfish fulfillment.

Ego-based desire is the root cause of all suffering. Therefore, constant feeding of desires is not the key to happiness, but renunciation and discrimination provide the answer. That simply means giving up the lesser for the greater, and, the uncertain for the certain.

Meditate in solitude and try to perceive the fleeting nature of the world. Gradually discrimination will awaken to remind us to be effortless in our quest and to finally dwell in a state of unchanging oneness...

My Guru in Disguise by Priya Mookerjee

The book My Guru in Disguise is a daughter's compelling account of being a witness to the profound inner changes that her mother goes through.