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Shukravar Vrat Katha – The Story of Friday Fasting in Hinduism

Friday fasting in Hinduism is dedicated to Shukra, or Venus. Those people who believe in astrology and horoscope worship and pray to Shukra on the day for wealth and prosperity. Those observing Shukravar Vrat listen to a popular story associated with fasting. The story of Friday fast varies from region to region and this one of them.

Once there was an old woman who used to observe Shukravar Vrat for the welfare of her family. She worshipped an idol of Shukra. On all Fridays, she used to wash the idol and perform a holy dip of it and used to offer the best food available in the house as ‘Prasad’ or Bhog.

One day the old woman decided to go on a pilgrimage. She asked her daughter-in-law to continue the rituals and observe Friday fast. The daughter-in-law wanted to get rid of the mother-in-law and was not at all happy with her Friday rituals so she agreed to take care of the idol and perform the rituals.

Soon the old lady left for pilgrimage. For few Fridays, the daughter-in-law sprinkled some water on the idol and gave some remains of left over food as Bhog. But she never observed the Shukravar Vrat. Soon she got fed up with this ritual too and threw away the idol as she found it a waste of time and energy.

A poor lady who passed by saw the idol of Shukra lying in the garbage and she took it to her home and performed Friday fasting and pujas. Without fail she bathed the idol and offered the best food available with her.

Soon there was change of fortune and the poor lady became rich. The old woman’s family started to have ill luck and they lost their wealth and became poor. Soon the family found it hard to even have a proper meal a day.

A year later the old woman returned from her pilgrimage and was surprised by the condition of her home. She noticed that the idol of Lord Shukra was missing from home.

On inquiry she came to know what had happened. She was astonished by her daughter-in-law’s behavior. The old lady went around searching for the idol and finally she found the idol in the poor lady’s home who had now become rich.

The old lady told what had happened and the pious lady who got the idol from the garbage was happy to return to its real owner.

The old lady brought back the idol and started worshipping it. She observed Friday fast and rituals and the family was soon blessed with wealth and prosperity.

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