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Budhvar Vrat Katha – Story of Wednesday Fasting in Hindu Religion

Budhvar Vrat, or Wednesday fasting, in Hindu religion is dedicated to Budha or Mercury. In some regions, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh and Lord Krishna are also worshipped on the day. Those observing the Budhvar Vrat read or listen to the story associated with Wednesday fasting. There are several versions of the Budhvar Vrat Katha and this is one of them.

Once a newly married couple was on their first visit to the bride’s home after marriage. The couple was welcomed happily by the in-law’s. The brothers and sisters of the bride took care of the newlywed couple. Two days passed in joy and then the husband realized that it was time to return. But it was a Wednesday and the in-law’s were not ready to send the girl as Mercury, or Budha, is not in favour of sending married girls to their husband’s house on Wednesdays.

The young husband said that he was not worried about Mercury and he did not believe in such things and want to return today itself. He was a businessman and he is of the view that Budha helps merchants and traders and he will not harm him.

Finally, the girl’s parents agreed to send their daughter with her husband on Wednesday.

They left home and on the way they reached a town. The girl was thirsty and she wanted some water and the husband went to get some water.

Soon another young man resembling like the girl’s husband brought water and she started drank it and started talking merrily with him. Soon the real husband returned and he could not believe his eyes. The girl too was confused as to who was her husband.

The two look-alike young men started to quarrel over the girl. Both claimed that the girl was his wife.

Soon two guards arrived on the scene and listened to what had happened. The girl told that she is confused as both of them looked like her husband.

The guards took them to the king and told what had happened.

The king said it was late evening and he will settle the case tomorrow. He asked the guards to lock the three in separate prisons and keep watch on them.

The real husband could no sleep that night and he started muttering that all this was his fault and is the result of not listening to the in-law’s who had warned him that it was not auspicious to travel on the day.

Next day the guards reported what happened. They said that one young man slept well and another young man was walking around muttering that he had made a mistake by not listening to the in-laws of not travelling on Wednesday.

The king said that the restless young man was the real husband and asked to restore his wife.

The king also asked the guards to bring the girl and the two men before him.

When the guards went to get the three they found that the real husband and the girl were in their respective prison but the other young man was missing.

The guards took the husband and wife to the king and reported that the other young man was missing from prison.

The king smiled and said that the young man was Budha or Mercury and he had come to teach a lesson to the husband who had challenged his authority. King said that it was not the fault of the guards that young man was missing. Wednesday is over and today is Thursday and therefore mercury disappeared.

The husband and the girl was happy and they decided to observe Budhavar vrat for a happy and peaceful life.

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