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Goddess Kaumari – Kowmari or Goddess Kumari

Goddess Kaumari, or Goddess Kowmari, is on of the seven mother goddesses in Hinduism. The seven mother goddesses are known as Sapta Matrikas or Sapta Matris. Goddess Kaumari is the female energy of Lord Kumar (Muruga or Kartik). She is also referred as Goddess Kumari. She symbolically represents valor and courage.

Goddess Kaumari takes her name and attributes from Lord Skanda or Subrahmanya or Murga. She uses the same weapon and vehicle of Lord Kartik.

Goddess Kaumari has four hands and she carries a small vel (lance) and flag in two hands. Two hands are in Abhaya and Varatha posture.

Her vehicle or Vahana is a peacock and she is believed to reside under a fig tree.

She is usually depicted as having Kumkum body color – red color.

In some texts she is described as having six faces and twelve arms. Lord Kartik is also depicted as having six faces as he was born as six different babies and was later joined by Goddess Parvati.