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Annaprashan Ceremony or Annaprasana Sanskar

Annaprashan ceremony, also known as Annaprasana Sanskar, is a Hindu ceremony in which a new born child is given solid food. For boys, Annaprasan is formed when they are between and six and eight months and for girls it is performed when they are between five and seven months.

Annaprashan literally means taking ‘sanskari food’ – solid food eaten by adults.

For many Hindu families, Annaprashan is a very important ceremony and it is performed at an auspicious time of an auspicious day based on Hindu Vedic Astrology.

Special pujas are offered to Lord Ganesha and other deities in the Hindu pantheon that is worshipped by the family. Some people also offer special pujas to goddess Annapoorna on the day.

The food that is given to child on the day is pure vegetarian and is mostly semi solid food like kheer etc. A child can take solid food from this day on words.