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Book – In Search of Sita: Revisiting Mythology

In Search of Sita: Revisiting Mythology is a collection of essays, poems, conversations and commentaries by people from various walks of life that explore different aspects of the life of Mata Sita in the Ramayana. The book revisits the incidents in the life of Sita and links to happenings in the contemporary world. The influence of Sita is not limited to a particular religion or country and this is proved by certain essays and conversations in this book.

A major highlight of the book is Aman Nath's creative interpretation of Sita's life through the Victorian Indian prints from his private collection.

One of the conversations in the book is with American animator Nina Paley who created her own animated feature on the Ramayana, title Sita Sings the Blues. Nina found herself relating to Sita's plight in the Ramayana as she watched her marriage end abruptly.

Lord Meghnad Desai whose essay Sita and Some Other Women from the Epics states that Sita has always been viewed as the Ideal Wife, but is not viewed as the Ideal Consort or Parent.

Mythologist and columnist Devdutt Pattnaik's Sita as Gauri, or Kali writes about how Sita is both Gauri, the clothed goddess as well as Kali, the destroyer.

The book is published by Penguin Books India and is edited by Namita Gokhale and Malashri Lal.

About the book by Namita Gokhale

"I've always resisted being branded as a feminist; I think all human beings are equal. But there was something about the whole pathos of Sita and her life that struck me as a subject that needed more interpretation," says Gokhale.

"The book does not follow any academic discipline. Sita belongs to everybody and the contributors have interpreted this elusive figure in their own way," says Gokhale who feels that Sita brings out a sense of collective wounding across women in India.

The book is available online at Penguin Books India and other online stores.

In Search of Sita: Revisiting Mythology
Published by Penguin Books India
Edited by Namita Gokhale and Malashri Lal
Price Rupees 399/-