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How to do a simple Hindu Puja at home?

Hinduism gives a devotee the freedom to perform prayers and pujas in the way the devotee wants – it can be simple or elaborate. Puja steps can be decided by the devotee. But there are several people who want to know about how to perform a simple puja at home as per Hindu religious traditions. Here is a guide to perform a small puja at home.

This is only to give a general idea and you can always be flexible in Hindu pujas and prayers.

First take a bath or perform self purification rituals.

Choose a quiet and clean place to perform the puja.

First pray to Lord Ganesha to help in the successful completion of the puja.

Light a lamp and pray to the deity you are worshipping. Touch the feet of the idol or painting and take blessings.

Offer flowers or light incense. Chant any shlokam or prayer you know.

If you have a fruit offer it to the deity.

Meditate for some time.

Place some flowers or rice mixed with turmeric on the deity.

If you have Bhasma or Sandalwood paste or kumkum apply it on the forehead.

Take the fruit back and share with those present at the puja.

Important note: There are several wrong notions regarding Hindu Pujas. There are people who scare others by pointing out that is not correct or it should not be done. You should not fall prey to such wrong information.

What is important is devotion not showy and elaborate rituals. Remember Kuchela who pleased Lord Krishna with sweat drenched beaten rice filled with sand and pebbles. The Lord happily ate it because it was given by a devotee who had no other thought other than Krishna. There is no substitute to Pure Bhakti.

Always remember that in Hinduism, the God resides in all animate and inanimate. What you offer, what you chant and you yourself are part of that Supreme Being. The puja should be a step in realizing this universal truth.