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Cocktail with a Hindu Connection

If you want to sip a Chakratini or any other Chakra cocktails head for the Chakra restaurant in Irvine or Beverly Hills. This cocktail with a Hindu connection was shut as the official website is no longer available.

The Chakra is the seven energy centers in Hinduism. There is a chart at the bar indicating the seven Chakras and you can choose your cocktail depending on your energy center. Each energy center has a specific cocktail.

From the restaurant website:

…specialty drinks are seven brightly hued Chakras, each available individually as a martini or together in a unique sampler.

Leslie Brenner of Calendarlive writes:
It was up to me to figure out which one would best suit the needs of my energy centers. I studied an illustrated chart on the wall, showing the human body and its seven chakras. Anahata, the green chakra of the heart and emotions, looked like the ticket, since it governs balance. Or ajna, the Chakra of the third eye, which the chart said was responsible for self-realization.
I consulted the menu to see which sounded better. Anaha, the green one, had Midori, Malibu Rum, pineapple juice, Sprite and Pucker sour apple schnapps.
Chakra is an Indian restaurant and is the brainchild of Ravi and Sunitha Koneru.
Chakratini!! Cool idea!