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Feature film on Mahabharata by BR films

It is from the same BR films that enjoyed unprecedented success with the serial version of Mahabharata in 1988. Any guess about the budget and length? Well the budget is a whopping 1.25 billion Indian Rupees. Length six hours!! It is broken into two parts and they plan it to release on consecutive Fridays.

Businessofcinema.com writes:
Ravi Chopra said, "Yes, I am making a six hour long feature film on Mahabharat. It will be unjust to tell the most beautiful story of the world in three hours. Hence I have planned to make a six hour film that will be divided into two parts. The first part will end with the Draupadi Cheerharan scene." 

He further adds, "The two parts of the film will be released on consecutive Fridays. I want to maintain the continuity so it makes no sense to release the second part after two or three months."
Sounds interesting!! But what will the new Mahabharata feature film offer to the audience? New Graphics? Sound effects, 3D effects? Hope they don't follow the beaten track and learn from the mistakes of 'Alexander' and 'Umrao Jan'. 

When thinking about the length of the film, I remembered Benhur which is 4 hrs 42 mins.

Any film that has a soul will work with the audience. But mere graphics, popular star cast and sound tracks might limp in the box office.