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When Sonia Gandhi is advertised as a Hindu

The Hindu newspaper today carries a photograph of Sonia Gandhi being welcomed at the Tirupati temple. Numerous politicians visit the temple and most of the newspapers give little importance to it. The visit of Sonia Gandhi was ignored by most newspapers.

But somehow The Hindu did not ignore it. Why?

The Hindu which claims to be the champion of secularism wanted to convey to its avid readers mostly Hindus that Sonia Gandhi is a Hindu. There is only a picture in the front page. No report about the visit. The report strangely is a very small one pushed into the far down corner of eighth page.

So it is clear why the picture was published in the front page. Just to advertise that Sonia Gandhi is a Hindu.

Interestingly the report has a sentence
Ms. Gandhi reverentially bowed her head when they applied ‘tilak’ on her forehead.
What does this sentence mean? That others don’t bow their head reverentially or to indicate that she respects Hindu values.

The Hindu is also trying to send out another message. The head priest in the picture represents Hindus and so the suggestion here is that Sonia Gandhi is finally accepted by Hindus. Dr Manmohan Singh you can now pack your bags.

Strangely most of the newspapers in India reported about the dalits being denied entry into Jagannath temple at Keradagarh village in Kendrapada, Orissa. The Hindu was silent or was busy chasing Sonia Gandhi in Tirupati.

When I was a small boy the elders suggested reading The Hindu and I was impressed by the newspaper for quite a long period for its impartiality. But off late, say for the past five years, The Hindu has clear political designs.

The citizens of the largest democracy in the world very well know how to elect their leaders. There is no need for any covert advertisements.