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This Muslim Lectures about Hindu Scriptures

His name is P.I. Sherief Mohammad, Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Taxes. He has a post graduate degree in History and lives in Kerala. Organizations around the country invite him for lectures on Hindu scriptures.

So what made him learn Hindu scriptures? His study of Islam and the Quran widened his horizons and made him to reach out to other religions.

How many Hindus have read the Brahama Sutra? Take a look at what Sherief Mohammad says to The Hindu
“Brahama Sutra – aims at seeing Brahman in everything around an in oneself. This understanding can solve all the problems of the world. If man comprehends that he and his neighbor are part of the same reality, there will be no conflict in the world.”

For anyone who faces a crisis in life Mohammad suggests the Bhagavad Gita. In his words -
“The entire West has realized the importance of the Bhagavad Gita. Foreign universities have included Gita in their curricula. Management gurus borrow ideas from the Gita. The Gita tells you how to manage your life.”

Hinduism has all the resources to face life but still we are groping in darkness. People like Mohammad remind us of the hidden treasures.