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Some People Think Hindus are under Seige

Dr Subramanian Swamy's new book thinks Hindus are under siege. The title of the book is interesting - Hindus under Siege - the Way Out.

News Today reports:
Subramanian Swamy, in his introductory remarks on his book, explained that a close scrutiny of national and international events revealed a conspiracy to defame the Hindu religious beliefs, icons and its spiritual leaders. Sri Jeyanadra Saraswathi Swami, Puttapartthi Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Swami Ramdas are some who have become targets in recent times. Moreover, Hindus are under attack from all sides and the only way out is to realize the threats the community faces and build a new mindset to drive out the perils, he pointed out.

Ganesha in Nepal

It is true that there are attacks on Hinduism from pseudo-secularists and missionaries. But Hinduism is capable of defending itself and it has been doing this from time immemorial.

Instead of fearing about attack on Hinduism these people should concentrate on alleviating poverty from Hindu society. They should look out for new methods for economically empowering women. They should fight against the evil caste system.

Such books are received initially with fanfare; then they remain in the library shelves untouched. The money and energy spend on writing and publishing the book is enough to save a poor Hindu family.