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Mahabhisheka on Nandi atop Chamundi Hill after 150 years

When the Nandi is 25 ft. long and 16 ft. tall, it is hard to perform a Mahaabhisheka periodically. Therefore only a Ksheerabhishekha (milk anointment) was performed yearly.

Some joggers and morning walkers on the Chamundi Hill road decided to clean the Nandi, which had a thick layer of dirt and dust.

Care was taken not to use any chemicals for cleaning. Soapnut, shikakai and coir were used to clean the huge statue which is the pride of Mysore. After the cleaning, the statue was embalmed with a paste of roasted coconut. The embalming is said to keep the statue shining for ten years.

Chamundi Hill is around 4.5 kilometers from the Mysore city center. Pilgrims ascend more than 1000 steps to the summit of the 1,062-meter high hill. The temple dedicated to Chamundeshwari is located atop of the hill.

The impressive sculpture of Nandi stands halfway up Chamundi Hill near Mysore, India. Carved in 1659, from a single granite boulder, Nandi is 7.5m long and 5m high.

The Nandi was built under the leadership of Dodda Deva Raja, Wodeyar King, who ascended the throne in 1659.

There is legend associated with the Nandi of Chamundi Hill that it was carved out from a single stone in one night.