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Why Bhagavan Sri Rama Is Known As Raghav or Raghava?

Bhagavan Sri Rama is often referred to as Raghav or Raghava because of his lineage. The term "Raghav" or "Raghava" essentially means "descendant of Raghu." Raghu was an illustrious king in the lineage of the Ikshvaku dynasty, to which Lord Rama belonged.

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Rama is described as the son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya, who himself was a descendant of Raghu. Therefore, Rama is often addressed with the epithet "Raghav" or "Raghava" to honor his lineage and ancestry. This title highlights his royal lineage and adds to the reverence associated with his character.

Let's delve deeper into the lineage of Bhagavan Sri Rama and the significance of his title "Raghav" or "Raghava."

The lineage of Lord Rama traces back to the Ikshvaku dynasty, one of the most esteemed royal lineages in ancient India. According to Hindu scriptures, the Ikshvaku dynasty was founded by King Ikshvaku, who was a descendant of the sun god Surya. This lineage continued through several generations until it reached King Raghu.

King Raghu, also known as Maharaja Raghu, was renowned for his valor, righteousness, and generosity. He further glorified the Ikshvaku dynasty with his noble deeds and righteous rule. His virtuous conduct earned him widespread admiration, and he became a symbol of kingly virtues in Hindu mythology.

Rama's father, King Dasharatha, belonged to the lineage of Raghu. Dasharatha was a mighty king of Ayodhya and was known for his righteousness and adherence to dharma (duty). He ruled his kingdom justly and was beloved by his subjects. Dasharatha's marriage to Queen Kausalya, Queen Kaikeyi, and Queen Sumitra resulted in the birth of his four sons, the most celebrated among them being Lord Rama.

As the eldest son of King Dasharatha, Rama was destined to inherit the throne of Ayodhya. His divine qualities, including his unwavering commitment to righteousness (dharma) and his exemplary conduct, endeared him to both humans and gods alike. His life's journey, chronicled in the epic Ramayana, exemplifies courage, sacrifice, compassion, and devotion to duty.

The title "Raghav" or "Raghava" is a tribute to Rama's noble lineage, as he is hailed as the descendant of King Raghu. It signifies not only his royal heritage but also the virtues and values upheld by his ancestors. Thus, whenever Lord Rama is referred to as "Raghav" or "Raghava," it serves as a reminder of his illustrious ancestry and his embodiment of righteousness and kingly virtues.