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On Comic Book Devi from Virgin Comics

She was created by the gods in the second century to defeat Bala, who usurped the position of gods. The gods each put a part of their body to create Devi. This is her origin.

Now about the modern Devi Virgin Comics says:
Having defeated Bala in her virgin incarnation so many centuries ago, a modern-day Devi must be reborn to combat the Dark Lord who has returned and grown more powerful than ever. He now controls the festering city of Sitapur – a metropolis of slums and perverted technology built on the ruins of the ancient city of Candaka. It is in these ruins that the greatest power is believed to be hidden – a vessel containing the energy released by the timeless. 
The modern Devi has an ally in Rahul Singh and devotees in Durapasya

The villains include Bala, Iyam, a loyal soldier that does both Bala’s bidding and his dirty work, Kratha, an Apsara whose main aim is killing of Devi.
Old wine in new bottle. Again a battle between good and evil. For a change, some inspiration from Hindu mythology.

On a closer look the comic sells nothing but violence with some covert sex.