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Learn from the Tree

A tree begins its journey as small seed. The seed has great potential. It can fill the entire earth with trees. Each one of us are like a tree, we have great potential hidden in us.

A growing tree is delicate it can be destroyed easily. Nurture your talents, work hard, do not follow the crowd, learn the right things, be creative, talk less and contemplate more. Be fully prepared before venturing out into the world.

Trees have patience – it takes years to become a huge tree. Similarly, we should not take shortcuts in life to grow. Slow and steady is the success mantra.

Trees give comfort to all without asking. It does not discriminate. Similarly, we should help others whenever possible.

Trees teach us to live in peace and harmony. If we throw stones at a tree, it gives back fruits. Learn to forgive and do good to others.

Be like the roots of a tree. They support the entire tree but they never come out and blabber about it. If they come out, the tree will not stand upright. Let others realize our value do not advertise it.

Trees never cling on to its fruits. They drop it. Be detached. Thrive by giving. In this way, you will be able to produce more and more fruits.

Think and you will get more lessons from a tree…

Protect trees because they are our Sadhgurus.