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Story of Lilasuka

Lilasuka also known as Bilvamangala or Vilvamangala is the author of Krishna Karnamrita, a popular poem on Sri Krishna. There is a popular romantic story associated with Lilasuka.

Lilasuka was in love with a beautiful courtesan named Chintamani. He was so infatuated with her that one day he crossed a flooded river on a stormy rainy night. He crossed the river on a corpse that was floating on the river. He mistook the corpse for a drifting piece of wood.

He then climbed the walls of the house of Chintamani by means of a snake, which he mistook for a creeper.

Lilasuka was brought to his senses by Chintamani, who said that such mad devotion was worthy of a higher object.

He then took the life of an ascetic and completed the Krishnakarnamrita.