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Krishna and Kaliya Naag – Story of Sri Krishna and Kaliya Mardan

Story of Krishna and Kaliya naag is one of the most popular incidents during Sri Krishna’s childhood. Kaliya was a five-headed snake who made Yamuna River his abode and poisoned its waters killing animals and other living beings. The story of Krishna defeating the serpent is known as Kaliya Mardan.

Kaliya and his attendants took refuge in a deep pool in Yamuna to escape from Garuda, who is the sworn enemy of Snakes.

Kaliya poisoned everything in the surrounding of Yamuna River. Vapours and bubbles in the river killed even birds that flew over the region.

Seeing the terrible situation, Sri Krishna dived into the toxic waters. He moved fast towards the deep pool and a battle ensued between serpent attendants of Kaliya. Sri Krishna easily overpowered them and then the real battle began between Krishna and five-headed Kaliya.

Krishna overpowered the powerful Kaliya and emerged from the river dancing atop the middle head of Kaliya. The dancing left the mark of Krishna’s feet on the head of Kaliya.

Kaliya’s wife begged for mercy to Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna spared the life of Kaliya and commanded them to leave Yamuna and to seek refuge in the ocean.

Kaliya was assured that Garuda would not attack him on seeing the mark’s of Sri Krishna’s feet on his head.

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