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Kaushika Purana – Information about Kaushik Puranam

Kaushika Purana is a minor Purana or Upapurana. Kaushik Puranam is not mentioned in any of the Mahapuranas. The reference of the text is found in the Dharmashastras.

Kaushika Purana is named after Kaushika – Sage Vishwamitra. The name Kaushika as Sage Vishwamitra was the descendant of Kusha.

The legends and stories of Chandal devotees are narrated in this Purana through the dialogues between Bhumi and Varaha.

The text is not currently available in printed form and even the manuscripts are not traceable.

As per New Catalogus Catalogrum of Madras University, a Telugu version of the purana was published in 1904 in Chennai.

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