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Book – Hinduism: Beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions

Book titled ‘Hinduism: beyond rituals, customs and traditions’ is written by Promod Puri. As the title indicates, the book explores the world of Hindu rituals, customs and traditions.
From the Press Release of the book 

 Why are there so many gods and goddesses in Hinduism? Why worship an idol? Is going to temple mandatory in the faith? What impact does the caste system have on Hindu society? Why do some rituals make perfect sense while others are so vague? What are the secular and diverse characters in Hinduism? What physics principles constitute the sound of Om? What is karma and its role in our day to day lives? 
These and more subjects are eloquently dealt with in the just released book titled "Hinduism: beyond rituals, customs and traditions" by Vancouver-based writer Promod Puri. 
The 130-page book on Hinduism written in a concise and clear manner is an easy reading of all aspects of Hinduism for every level of reader. Also, it is for those whose knowledge of the faith is limited to its rituals, customs and traditions.
The book is available in most online stores and also as Amazon Kindle Edition.