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Story – Ravana’s Devotion for Shiva Was Not Pure

Ravana was an ardent devotee of Shiva and the Shiva Tandava Stotram composed by Him is a prime example of his devotion to Mahadeva. But the devotion of Ravan was not pure. His devotion was to satisfy his never ending lust, passion, anger, jealousy and power. There is a story in the scriptures that prove that Ravana’s devotion was not pure.

Goddess Parvati always wanted to settle down and be part of society. She used to point out to Shiva how Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi resided in Vaikunta amidst all pleasures.

Shiva used to live in the Himalayas in cold weather, sometimes under trees, and sometimes under scorching heat. He was far away from society.

Once when Goddess Parvati insisted on building a palace, Shiva agreed to it on one condition that all rituals associated with moving into new home will be performed by Ravana who is an expert in all rituals.

Ravana came and performed all the rituals at the end of the ceremony the owner of the house had to give daskhina – a gift to the priest.

Shiva asked Ravana what he wanted. Ravan was already impressed by the beautiful place. Without a second thought, he asked for the palace and the place as Daskhina.

Shiva immediately agreed and gave the place to Ravana and returned to the Himalayas.

Goddess Parvati then realized that all that is part of society are finite and Shiva the infinite had nothing to do with society.

Shiva purposefully made Ravana as the chief priest because he knew about the greediness of Ravana. The demon king was never satisfied in spite of having a palace and city made of gold.