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Siddarameshwara Jayanti - Shri Shivayogi Siddarameshwara

Siddarameshwara Jayanthi is the birth anniversary of the 12th century saint poet from Karnataka. In 2024, Siddarameshwara Jayanthi will be observed from January 14 to 16.  Shri Shivayogi Siddarameshwara was a great contributor to Lingayat Teaching and he is considered as one of the five important teachers of Lingayat Pantha

Siddarameshwara, who called himself Kapila Sidda Mallikarjuna had composed over 68,000 vachanas – holy teachings – but sadly only 1,992 of them are available today.

He was an important reformist in the 12th Century. He believed in physical toil, practiced community labour and advocated equality for women in public life.