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Thamboolam Offering in Hinduism – Offering of Thambulam Leaves

One of the most important puja items in Hinduism the Thamboolam leaves, especially in South Indian pujas. In regional languages in India it is known as Betel leaves, Pan, Nag Ve, Vetta or Vettila. Thambulam is offered along with betel nuts and spices to a deity after Naivedyam or food offering.

The popular belief is that Thambulam helps in digesting the food. So it is offered after food offering to a deity. Coins or money are not offered along with Thambulam offering.

Coins and money are only kept on betel leaves when it is offered as Dakshina.

It is also believed that all important deities are present in the Thambulam. It is also an important component in the Ashtamangalya items.

It must be noted that Thamboolam is only offered along with Shodashopachara Puja – traditional puja involving sixteen steps. In the daily puja offered in Hindu homes, Thamboolam is not offered.