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Hayagriva Beej Mantra – Benefits and Importance of the Mantra

Hayagriva incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu is associated with Vedas. Srihari Vishnu appeared with a human body and horse head to recover the Vedas, which were stolen by Asuras or Demons. Hayagriva Beej Mantra and its importance are mentioned in the Sri Hayagriva Upanishad. The benefit of chanting mantra is that it helps in attaining self realization. On the request of Sage Narada, Brahma taught his all important Beej Mantra.

The single syllable Hayagriva Beej Mantra is ‘Hlaum’

Sri Hayagriva Upanishad says – this single-syllable beeja-mantra is the word Hlaum, which consists of the three letters h, l, and om.

Benefits and Importance of Hayagriva Beej Mantra

  • They who chant this Hlaum beeja-mantra attain both wealth and learning.
  • They attain knowledge of the transcendental form of Lord Hayagriva and they also attain liberation, becoming free from the entanglement of residing in a material body.
  • They become the rulers of the dik-palas, kings, and nagas.
  • Surya and others diligently chant this single-syllable Hayagriva mantra.
  • Of all beeja-mantras, the single-syllable Hayagriva beeja-mantra is the best. It is the king of mantras.
  • The syllable Hlaum is the transcendental form of Lord Hayagriva Himself.