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Born on Sunday – Good or Bad – in Hindu Astrology

If you were born on a Sunday, then as per Hindu astrology your character and life will be influenced by Surya or the Sun God. The good effects of being born on Sunday include that the person will be handsome, intelligent and will show tremendous enthusiasm. The bad effects include that the person will be angry and proud.

The person will be of helpful nature and will always be ready to help the poor and needy.

As the person has a tough time in controlling his/her anger, in fights and arguments the person will put full strength. After arguments and fights, he might forgive but will keep a grudge in the mind.

By now is it clear that maximum damages in life for people born on Sunday will be caused by anger. Try to control anger through meditation.

The deity to be worshipped is Surya. Chant mantras dedicated to Surya. When mind is agitated try to chant the Gayatri Mantra.