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Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Maha Desikan Thoughts

Untouchability is unacceptable. Only those who do not perform their duties with sincerity and commitment are untouchables. Caste has no role here.

This is Kaliyuga. My views may not have takers. Not only the politicians, but most of the people are committing mistakes. But there is hope if there is repentance.

Ego is the cause of all caste and religious conflicts.

Adherence to dharma and performing one’s duties will bring about the change.

Discipline is essential for the development of tolerance, a vital ingredient for harmony.

You can achieve anything with kindness and love. On the other hand, enmity begets enmity. If you need friendship and fraternity, you have to tolerate, adjust and unite. The policy of give-and-take is a must for the peaceful life.

Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Maha Desikan – 46th pontiff of Sri Ahobila Mutt

Source – interview published in The Hindu.