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Mahashivratri Messages

Shiva means your very self, the purest Self, your innermost core. Shiva means good or benevolent. The word ratri in Sanskrit means that which relieves you from three types of agony – ethereal, mental and material. At night everything becomes quiet and peaceful. The body gets tired and goes to sleep. ‘Shivaratri’ literally means that night which infuses the Shiva tatva or the transcendental principle to the three instruments: the body, mind and speech. – Sri Sri Ravishankar
Shivarathri is a celebration to not only awaken your inner space, but to radiate and express that tremendous potential energy which is inside all of us. To awaken that higher consciousness and live like Shiva! Shiva is that causeless auspicious form, whose inner space is completely awake and is living in Light and radiating this energy. - Unknown
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