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Supermoon in Hindu Astrology

Today – September 28, 2015 – is Purnima or full moon day in Hindu calendar and Panchang and there is also a supermoon today. As per Hindu astrologers, this supermoon has no adverse effect. People should not be scared of the supermoon and it is an excellent opportunity to view the moon at such a lose distance. There is no effect on any Rashi or Nakshatra. As per many astrologers, the concept of supermoon is largely ignored in Hindu astrology.

Supermoon happens when the moon comes closest to earth. This phenomenon happens at regular intervals but today’s supermoon is the closest in 20 years.

The years of supermoon – 1955, 1970, 1992 and 2005 – have been unfortunately accompanied by natural disasters. This year too was no different with the huge earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan.