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Tukaram Bhajans in Marathi – Download Tukaram Poems in Audio Format in Marathi

Tukaram Abhangs are the devotional poems composed by Sri Tukaram Maharaj. Sant Tukaram is a 17th century saint-poet who is one of the greatest poets in Marathi language and one of the greatest saints of the Bhakti Cult in Maharashtra. Now you download some of the Tukaram Bhajans in Audio format.

A website dedicated to Sri Tukaram Maharaj is now providing the opportunity to download the abhangs of Sri Tukaram Maharaj.

Tukaram's teachings are in the form of the Abhangas (dohas), which constitute the Gatha.

Sant Tukaram (1608-1649) was born in a devoted and highly religious family. He is famous for his Abhangas which, at a much later date, very much moved Mahadeva Govind Ranale. In his Abhangas, we find a spirit of absolute dedication to God.

Tukaram's teachings represented a fusion of Vedantism and the Bhakti cult. He was an exponent of theophilanthropy. Tukaram was a non-Brahmin and some of the fanatical Brahmins created troubles for him, but he survived them.

Tukaram's poetry is based so completely on his own experience in life that his poetry becomes a veritable picture gallery, where his own life is exhibited in pictures.

An incident from the life of Sant Tukaram

Tukaram receives his share of the crops as payment in the evening. When he asks for some sugarcane for his children, he receives plenty but distributes all but two pieces to the children in the street. His children are beside themselves with joy at getting only one stick of sugar cane because they have not learned to want more than they need.