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Book For Free Download – Blinded by Science – The Facts They Don’t Want Us To Know

Blinded by Science – The Facts They Don’t Want Us To Know is written by Matthew Silverstone and it provides amazing new ideas about so many unexplained phenomena, things that are talked about but not explained. You can download the book for free till April 30, 2011.
The best thing about the book is that it makes you think. It makes you find your own answers to things that you never expected to figure out. The book just gets you started in discovering things that you had never considered before.
From the flyer
You probably know that around the world there are people that hug trees. Of course most of us think that it is just a hippy thing. But there is a science behind it – a simple fact, everything vibrates in the universe, molecules, water, everything. Combining this fact with the amazing properties of water, which he explained is a chameleon, it changes its vibration all of the time. He suggested that as the human body is made up of 70% of water and water is also found in trees… apparently the water vibration in the trees when you put your body next to the tree, that vibration is transmitted to the water in your body and that makes you feel better, calmer… it's that simple! And it's amazing how many things you can explain starting from this simple truth. It is all about vibrations and water.
Another amazing thing Matthew told me about was at the beginning of his research, the collapse of the bee population. All over the world there is a big problem these days, bees are disappearing. We all know that without bees, there will be no plants, and of course no humans pretty soon after that. Apparently bees are homing creatures and this ability to find their way home is disturbed by the multitude of GSM networks, satellites and all sorts of man-made electromagnetic fields that surround the Earth. Did you know that if you move a bee hive one meter to the left, when the bees return they don't know how to find it? They will all land on the floor of the previous location of the hive and die. I didn't!