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Antya Pushkarini – Ritual Bathing in Vaishaka, Ashada, Kartik and Magha Months

Antya Pushkarini is a unique bathing ritual observed by some Hindu communities in South India, especially in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and parts of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. In the Antya Pushkarini ritual, devotees perform bath before sunrise in the months of Vaishakh, Ashada, Kartik and Magha as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in the above regions.

It is believed that the Antya Pushkarini ritual is good for health.

If a person is not able to take bath on all days in the above said month, he can do it on Trayodashi (13th day of fortnight), Chaturdashi (14th day of fortnight) and Purnima or full moon day.