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Sadhguru on the Symbolism of the Third Eye of Shiva

If I show you this side of my hand, you cannot see the other side of it. This is so about everything. You always see everything in parts. Even if you look at a grain of sand you will look at only one part of it.

All the information that is in your head right now has entered through the five sense organs in bits and pieces. It cannot perceive even a grain of sand in its totality. It perceives everything in parts. If you add the bits you will not get a whole. You will only have bits. No matter how many bits you gather they will never become a whole.

This is why Shiva has always been represented as one with three eyes. When we say "the third eye", we are not talking about your forehead opening up. It is about seeing beyond the sensory eyes. It means that the ability to see has transcended the limitations of sense perception.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev