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Book: Hindu Narratives on Human Rights

The book titled ‘Hindu Narratives on Human Rights’ by Arvind Sharma explores the Hindu tradition of the right to own property, the rights of children, women's rights, and animal rights. The book also explores the world of Hindu ethics and also the rights and ethics mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The author studies and tries to find answers to the questions raised by Draupadi on rights and ethics in the court of Hastinapura to which she was forcibly brought by the Kauravas. The dispute between the Pandavas and Kauravas also is seen by the author as a dispute on the right to own property.

Arvind Sharma analysis some of the famous Hindu scriptures and secular texts to prove the freedom of rights provided by Sanatana Dharma to both men and women. By depicting the examples of several women mentioned in the scriptures, the author proves that women in Hindu society enjoyed right to education, to study scriptures, right to property and the right to marry the person of her choice.

The writer also proves that animal rights which is being actively propagated in the West now were a part of all Hindu scriptures from ancient time.

The book is available online at Praeger Publishers

Hindu Narratives on Human Rights
Arvind Sharma
Praeger Publishers
Price $34.95