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Ambaji – Hindu Goddess Amba

Goddess Amba, or Ambaji, is one of the popular names of Goddess Durga and the name is widely used in western parts of India. Amba means mother and she is Goddess Shakti. One of the most popular temples dedicated to Ambaji in Gujarat is also one of the 51 Shaktipeetahs.

Goddess Amba is also known as Mata Ambika, Ma Ambaji, Amba Bhavani and Arasuri.

The most popular shrine of Goddess Amba in Gujarat is believed to be the spot where the heart of Goddess Sati fell here, when her body was cut into pieces by Lord Vishnu to stop the intense tapas of Lord Shiva after Sati’s death. There is no idol in the temple and Goddess Amba is represented by a triangular Vishwa Yantra, inscribed with figures and the syllable ‘Shree’ in the center. The temple is located at Ambaji Town in Banaskantha District in Gujarat.

Most of the legends associated with Ambaji are that of Goddess Durga.

The only difference is in the name. Durga, Indrani, Mahalakshmi, Mahishamardini, Saraswati, Shailputri, Vagheshwari and Vaishnavi are worshipped as different aspects of Goddess Amba.