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Snake in Dream Interpretation – Naga in Dream Meaning in Hindu Religion

Seeing snake or Naga in dream is very common for many people. In Hindu religion there is an ancient text known as Swapna Shastra which gives interpretation and meaning of various dreams. Snake in a dream is considered good as per the Swapna Shastra.

Most of the dreams involving snakes are imagined or is the result of seeing, talking or watching scenes involving snakes in the day or before sleeping. Such dreams are to be ignored and are considered as mere play of the mind.

Two dreams that are specifically mentioned in the Swapna Shastra that demands attention are – Snake biting the person who is having dream and the second one is the person biting or eating a snake. Another important  factor that is mentioned is a person receiving wealth if he sees snake standing with its hood open.

A dream of a snake biting a person is interpreted as resulting in positive health like curing of an ailment or an important disease.

The person biting a snake in the dream has the meaning that the person will be blessed with material wealth or children.

There are also scholars who are of the opinion that Snakes chasing in a dream is the result of an underlying fear.

To alleviate the fear associated with any dream one can chant Vishnu Sahasranama, Gajendra Moksha, Gayatri Mantra or Om Namah Shivaya.