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Prahlad Jani Has Not Eaten, Drunk or Excreted in over 70 years – this Hindu Man Challenges Science

Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji or Chunri wale mataji, is an ardent devotee of Goddess Amba. He lives at Ambaji Town in Gujarat. Prahlad Jani claims he has not eaten or drunk water for the past 70 years and during this period he has not passed urine or stools. Now he is making news around the world as New Delhi-based Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) analyses him in isolation. He had undergone a similar test in November 2003 and his claim was found to be genuine. Now the Defence Institute study also claims he is genuine.

News about Prahlad Jani appeared in respected newspapers around the world around 2 weeks ago. Now Outlook India has come out with more details and an interview.

As Jani’s devotees tell it, DIPAS scientists and doctors began as sceptics but were dumbfounded on several occasions, such as when they requested Jani for a 50 ml urine sample. He expressed that exact amount from the 100 ml in his bladder and appeared to absorb the rest within. “On the last day, many scientists called their families to seek mataji’s blessings. If scientists did that, there must be a divine shakti, must there not?” asks Kailash Joshi, a Mumbai-based businessman and follower.

You can read more about Prahlad Jani in this article in outlook India titled – In Praise of Oxygen.

Was it strange for you to undergo the experiment?

I did not think of it at all; it didn’t make any difference to me. Actually, it was my challenge to the world of science

Do you have any aspiration in life, do you need to prove something?

I have no aspiration, no ambition. I have no guru, no chela, no bhagat. I have only Maa Ambe. I am that.

You can read the complete interview with Prahlad Jani in this article in Outlook India titled – ‘It’s All Shakti, You Can’t Make It’